martes, 29 de mayo de 2007

ANTI-FLAG rare (?)

Bueno aka les dejo un disco con canciones d este increible grupo canciones q han salido en compilados y cosas asi y no en sus albums oficiales bajenlo ya. no encontre la lista d canciones en ningun lado me da pereza copiar nombre por nombre d cancion.

Pesa: 48,9


I've got a heart sized crush on YOU

ok..antes que nada aviso es un archivo grande pero vale la pena, 2 el post tiene otro nombre...asi me siento carajo dejenlo tengo otro lugar para decirlo......3 el titulo tiene algo que ver con el post, a quien no le encanta una chava que sepa rockear, que sea guapa y etc. saben a lo que me refiero no? sino vean a las suicide girls.....

Ahora, el disco es un compilado de puras bandas de chavas se llama:
We Ain't Housewife Material
pero con una chava asi, a quien le importa, y cocino no hay prolema.....alguien mas lava y ya estamos del otro lado.

ok....first of all a little warning its a big file but its worth it, 2 the post has another name...thats the way I feel leave it like it is.....ive got non other place to say it........3 the records name has something linked to the tittle, who does not love a gilr that knows how to rock, and its georgeous and etc you know what i mean......if not check out the suicide girls....

lets talk about what you are looking for, the record its a compilation from alla girl bands, its called:
We Ain't Housewife Material
with a girl like that, who cares? ill cook someone else make the loundry and we are set to go..........pero con una chava asia quien le importa, y cocino no hay prolema.....alguien mas lava y ya estamos del otro lado.

1. Rock N Roll 69 - Betty Blowtorch
2. Sandy Starlight - Mensen
3. Arrest Me - Gee Strings
4. Slow Children - Elvis McMan
5. Have You Seen the Landscapes Today?
6. Wrestle With an Angel - Electric Turn to Me
7. Upside Down
8. Fighting to Keep Her Alive
9. Party
10. Sick Bitch - The Dirty Burds
11. Dead of Night - Tutsis
12. Fight Back
13. 7/11
14. Fragile - Ventral
15. Free Soul
16. Shut the Fuck Up
17. Punk Is Dead
18. Drunk Boogie
19. Kajitsu
20. Suny - Belly Button

me siento como:
i feel like:

devil doll - heart sized crush on you
dropkick murphys - kiss me im shit faced

me pondre a ver dracula de coppola para levantarme el animo...besos perras

Im gonna wantch dracula from f.f.coppola to cheer me and kisses bithces

sábado, 26 de mayo de 2007

Welcome To Circus Punk-A-Billy

compilado de bandas de punka y psychobilly....lo compre hace tiempo y me gusto mucho de mis primeras adquisiciones de encanta...

a little compilation from punka ans psychobilly bands...bought it a while ago and really liked of my fists psychobilly records

Nekromantix -Backstagepass To Hell
2 Shark Soup -Frustrations
3 Klingonz -I'm Old (But I Used To Be Young)
4 Mad Sin -Rock Against Ass
5 Ed Random Band -The Steps Of Descent
6 Cenobites -My Mission
7 Peacocks -What Kids Want
8 Godless Wicked Creeps -Coward With A Gun
9 Lucky Devils -Oh Babe
10 Astro Zombies -Bertha Lou
11 OS Catalepticos -Like In A Gasoline Tank
12 Phantom Rockers -Brand New Cadillac
13 Hillbilly Club -Traitors Go To Hell
14 Washington Dead Cats -JuJu (WoWow)
15 Ripmen -Death School
16 Koffin' Kats -One Revived
17 Thee Flanders W/ Carlos Up To Veg -Undead
18 Psyclones -Brainsmasher
19 Banane Metalik -Mieux Vaut Tare
20 Hyperjax -Where Egos Dare
21 Wrecking Dead -Boys On The Docks
22 Die Chinesischen Gluckskekse -Pornostar
23 Komety -Krzywe Nogi
24 Hellbats -The Witch
25 Kings Of Nuthin' -Let It Burn
26 Bad Reputation -I Don't Like You
27 Bloodsucking Zombies -Eaters Of The Dead
28 Hangmen -Bad Blood
29 Chibuku -Weekend Song
30 Flesh -Internal

Payasos zombies, malabaristas terrorificos, animales fantasma.....

Zombie clowns, terrorific jugglers, ghost animals......

Tribbed for your Pleasure

regresando despues de pasar semanas en fin de semestre jodido y sin dormir.......un tributo a una gran banda...buenas canciones pero faltaron unas de las mejores es el mejor tributo pero no es de los peores....esta lindo..disfrutenlo

im back from a time working and not sleeping...fucking colleg.....a tribute to a great band nice songs but a couple of the best ones were left outits not the best tribute but not the worst..its nice enjoy it....

1. Murder The Government
Artist: The Skulls
2. The Brews
Artist: Groovie Ghoulies
3. The Longest Line
Artist: Mach Pelican
4. Stickin In My Eye
Artist: Sidekick
5. Please Play This Song On The Radio
Artist: Xdxix
6. Don't Call Me White
Artist: Dr. Know
7. What's The Matter With Kids Today?
Artist: Söur
8. Linoleum
Artist: Chelsea
9. Liza
Artist: The Vibrators
10. Hot Dog In A Hallway
Artist: Flipper
11. El Lay
Artist: Fizzy Bangers
12. We Threw Gasoline On The Fire And Now We Have Stumps For Arms And No Eyebrows
Artist: King Dave

NOFX....marca de condones??

NOFX...condom brand??