martes, 27 de febrero de 2007

Dropkick Murphys - The Warriors Code

Punk Irlandes???Punk Folklorico??No me importa es Punk Rock bueno y punto. es su ultimo disco tiene una cancion sobre un sargento de la guerra de iraq q era su fan, murio en su cumplaños a poco tiempo de regresar. Antes de eso le mando una carta a su mama agradeciendole por haberle mandado el disco nuevo (el anterio el Blackout) y que le encantaba su version de una cancion irlandesa tradicional....que si algo le pasaba en iraq queria esa cancion en su funeral...bueno ellos se enteraron de esto y la tocaron con las gaitas en su funeral...bueno la cancion habla de ello vean las liricas.....disfrutenlo

Irish Punk?Folk Punk????? I dont care, it a really great punk rock band and thats it. This is their laste record has a song about a sargent fan of theirs that died in iraq, died on his birthday and died soon before going back.He grote a letter to her mother thankig her she send a copy of their last record(Blackout) and that he loved their version of a traditional irish song, and that if something happened to him he wanted that song in his funeral...well the band somehow found about this and played that song in his funeral with the bagpipes, nice song, nice lyrics nice record....enjoy


viernes, 23 de febrero de 2007

There is no business like Horror Business.........

nada como chupar en el estacionamiento de la comercial......pero bueno me desperte con poco animo entonces...q debes escuchar para amenizar las cosas????obvio a los reyes voy a subir nada de ellos porque seguro ya tienen la discografia completa....este es un disco de gente que quiere ser como ellos a unos les sale a otros no....resaltan Blitzkid, Ghouls(los dos grupos( y Teenagers From Mars
no encuentro el track list no pienso escribirlo
el archivo es lo corto porque me patea las bolas cuando lo hacen en otros blogs

nothing like drinkin in the parking lot of a convenience store hahah..I woke up kinda think what you should listen???obiously the king THE MISFITS....not gonna post nothing from them because you probably have it all..........this is a record from people who what to be like do it right some dont......highlights Blitzkid, Ghouls(both of them) and Teenagers From Mars
cant find the traclist and im not goning to type it
the file is large, i didnt cut it because i feel its like a punch below the belt when they do that in other blogs

sonrie no es para tanto
cheer up mau......cheer up......for matter of fact its not that big problem

SUBHUMANS -- The Day the Country Died

punk rock de inglaterra.....buen disco bajalo escuchalo y pasaselo a tus amigos....por cierto esta banda la ""descubri"" porque vi una camiseta que llevaba elHefe en un concierto y dije eso nunca lo he escuchado

punk rock from it and share it to your friends...bye the way i discovered this band because i saw elHefe with with the logo on a concert so i thought....i have never listened to that

1"All Gone Dead" – 1:53
2"Ashtray Dirt" – 1:22
3"Killing" – 1:49
4"Minority" – 1:17
5"Mickey Mouse Is Dead" – 2:44
6"Nothing I Can Do" – 2:30
7"Dying World" – 2:57
8"Subvert City" – 4:14
9"Big Brother" – 1:55
10"New Age" – 1:49
11"I Don’t Wanna Die" – 1:29
12"No" – 1:49
13"Zyklon-B-Movie" – 2:12
14"’Til The Pigs Come Round" – 2:01
15"No More Gigs" – 2:53
16"Black And White" – 3:36

tengo hambre hoy comere pollo
im hungry today ill eat chicken

jueves, 22 de febrero de 2007

X-Ray Spex - Germ free adolescents

ok punk rock new wave de los 70 una banda super buena creo q solo tienen este disco y por ahi uno con mas canciones o en vivo cosas asi voz femenina Poly Styrene y con saxo muy bacan.. aunke no fueron tan berreados como sex pistols y mierdas asi este grupo es parte importante de la historia del buen punk q en algun momento existio.. disfrutenlo... dios es amor

ok punk rock new wave from the 70`s this is a great band, i think this is their only record out or one more live....female voice Poly Styrene and a really cool sax....not as known live the pistols and shit like that this isreally important part of punk history..of really good punk history that once upon a time existed.. enjoy... good is love

  1. "Art-i-ficial"
  2. "Obsessed With You"
  3. "Warrior In Woolworths"
  4. "Let's Submerge"
  5. "I Can't Do Anything"
  6. "Identity"
  7. "Genetic Engineering"
  8. "I Live Off You"
  9. "I Am a Poseur"
  10. "Germ Free Adolescents"
  11. "Plastic Bag"
  12. "The Day the World Turned Dayglo"
40 mB
password la de 100pre pilas

ah cierto la perra q cantaba ahi se convirtio en Hare Krishna en los 80s
by the way that bitch converted to Hare Krishna in the 80`s

lunes, 19 de febrero de 2007

Devils Brigade -- Vampire Girl Ep

Tim Armstrong + Matt Freeman + Brett Reed......a que te suena eso?¿? Rancid?Bueno la verdad si pero falta Lars.....lei que esto es solo Rancid tocando psychobilly pero bueno asi puede ser......tiene el golpeteo de las cuerdas del contrabajo, la voz de haberte tomado una botella y fumado dos cajetillas antes de empezar a cantar y una bateria es el mejor psychobilly pero hay peores.......por cierto me costo un chingo conseguirlo lo busque durante 4 meses

Armstrong + Matt Freeman + Brett Reed......and youll say now thats Rancid?the truth its that Lars is missing.......i rad that some say its Rancid playing psychobilly, it may be, may be has the claping of the stand up base strings, the voice like youve just drank a bottle of jack and smoke a couple packs of cigarretes before recording and a very nice consistent drums.....its not the best pyschobilly but its not the the way it was really hard to get it...i was looking por it for 4 months

1.Vampire Girl
2.Ride Harley Ride
3.What Have You Done Lately

esto es solo una rareza para los fans de Rancid
think of it as a b side for Rancid Fans

The Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 -- Night of the Living Drag Queens

Verga que esta largo el titulo de este post......buen disco..buena banda aunque se vistan de mujer.....seguramente son mas hombres que visten de niñas y tocan deathrock fuerte y con bolas.......Aunque su nombre suena a cliche y parece que tiene todo lo usual y comun en las bandas de horror, las palabras "Frankenstenin" "From Planet..." y "13" son una excelente banda

fuck this post title is really long......really cool record....nice band taking away the fact they perform as drags...surelly they are more masculine than you...they dress like girls and play deathrock strong and with balls.....Their name may sound cliche in the horror genre,words like "Frankenstenin" "From Planet..." and "13" but they are excellent

1.Mr Motherfucker
2.Twist My Sister
3.Let's Go to War
4.Die My Bride
6.Scary Song
8.I Love Me
9.Full Metal Jackoff
10.Crossdressing G.D.S.O.B.
11.I Don't Wanna Be Your Friend
13.Motel Killafornia
14.She's a Man
15.Foot in Mouth
16.Going to Hell

pruebalos y diles a tus amigos que te gustan los trasvestidos.....
try´em and tell your friends you like the drags.......

viernes, 16 de febrero de 2007

Trashlight Vision - Alibis & Ammunition

Unico disco de Trashlight, fuerte, rapido..............tiene un cover de Ramones bien hecho y las demas canciones son propias. Voz rasposa y medio chillona pero esta bien asi suena mejor, guitarras potentes y bateria linda que sigue todo.....a veces se mandan sus riffs extraños pero con tal no es desesperante ni aburrido como los del metal.......ahi les dejo una foto que vi y me gusto...esta muy coqueta jajajaj que marica suena eso jajajja

First and only record from Trashlight, strong and Ramones cover nicely done and the rest of the tracks are of their own. Scrachy voice and kinda hi pitch but thats fine that way sound better, powerfull guitars and nice drums that follow everything, sometimes they make strange riffs but those ones are not boring as metal ones...theres a picture i liked clock work orange!!!!!

disfrutalo digas que no......
enjoy it...dont refuse!!!!


jueves, 15 de febrero de 2007


Lindo disco el 1ero de ellos lo sacaron en el 94 .. basicamente me gusta desde q era un jovenzuelo asi q lo subi y ya

Nice record, their first one, out back in 94....i`ve liked it since i was a youngster so there the reason of the upload and thats it

1. "My Name is Jonas" Rivers Cuomo/Patrick Wilson/Jason Cropper 3:24
2. "No One Else" Rivers Cuomo 3:04
3. "The World has Turned and Left Me Here" Rivers Cuomo/Patrick Wilson 3:01
4. "Buddy Holly" Rivers Cuomo 2:39
5. "Undone - The Sweater Song" Rivers Cuomo 5:05
6. "Surf Wax America" Rivers Cuomo/Patrick Wilson 3:06
7. "Say It Ain't So" Rivers Cuomo 4:18
8. "In the Garage" Rivers Cuomo 3:55
9. "Holiday" Rivers Cuomo 3:24
10. "Only in Dreams
Pesa 31mb


AFI - Eddie Picnic's All Wet

Afi viejo bravito rapido y lindo supongo no eran gays en esa epoca, lo sacaron en 1994, 200 copias rosadas numeradas a mano (vinil), y 100 negros.. bueh nada mas bajenlo y me dicen q tal .. recuerden jesus es amor...

Old school AFi, rapid, brave and nice I guess they were not gay in that time, out in 1994, 200 hand numbered ink vinils and 100 black ones....buehhh download it and comment something about it......remember jesus is love jajajjajajja

  1. "Ny-Quil" – 2:13
  2. "Rizzo in the Box" – 1:50
  3. "Who Said You Could Touch Me?" – 1:30
  4. "I Wanna Get a Mohawk" – 1:13
  5. "Love is a Many Splendored Thing" – 1:38
Pesa: 11,4 MB


Horror High Presents: Prom Queen Massacre

ohhhh mi primer post!!!!bueno no...en algun momento colabore con Pzycho con un disco de los trasvestidos mas machos.........................pero fue hace mucho.....ahora viene algo parecido......esta es una compilacion de horrorpunk, deathrock y cosas similares........
sangre, zombies, tripas y demas...pero de una forma divertida y amena nada de pendejadas de gore ni death ni black metal...nada de esas mierdas aca......

por costo un ojo y otro mas conseguir esta compilacion, el track 23 falta, una de las narraciones de alguien la tiene por ahi pasela....

ohhh my god y my first post...not realy...this is a horror punk, death rock and similar stuff compilation......
zombies, blood, guts and more...but in a nice way no shit like gore death or black metal...nothing about that shit here......
bye the way track 23 is mising one of the intros made by Wednesday...if someone has it please fordward ir to me....

01-Wednesday 13 - PQM Trailer
02-The Browns - The Scream On Halloween
03-Blitzkid - Pretty In A Casket
04-The Jackalopes - The Night You Died
05-Michale Graves - Beware
06-Wednesday 13 - Welcome To Horror High
07-Zombeast - Wolfskin Killer
08-The Death Riders - Karen Black
09-The Rosedales - Nightgown
10-Trashlight Vision - NOLA
11-Calabrese - Children Of The Night
12-Wednesday 13 - Go Horror High
13-The 69 Eyes - Devils
14-The Killcreeps - Chop Shop
15-Thee Merry Widows - All Of Them Witches
16-Psychocharger - Roadkill
17-Wednesday 13 - The Prom Committee
18-Albino Spiders - Fallen Souls
19-Dirty Dead - Beyond Hatred
20-The Spook - Reanimated
21-Nim Vind - Killer Creature Double Feature
22-The Vincent Black Shadow - Surgery
23-Wednesday 13 - And The Prom Queen Is...
24-Frankenstein Drag Queens - Scary Song


StreetLight MaNifesTo - Demo

Bueno pa mi 1er post les dejo esto Streetlight manifesto el demo tiene 4 canciones las cuales despues van en su disco pero grabadas mas bonito igual las de aki tan suPer bien y pa quien les gusta el grupo les gustara millon y si no ya pos vayanse a la mierda aki les dejo lo q encontre por ahi del disco no se mucho ingles asi q me da pereza hacer resumen los quiero besos a todos sean buenos hippies

The Streetlight Manifesto Demo is the first release by Streetlight Manifesto. It contains early versions of four songs that ended up on the group's debut album Everything Goes Numb. The original versions of the songs have a less refined sound than the later recordings, making them noticeably different. There are also some minor lyrical and instrumental changes. This demo was later re-issued by the RISC Group....

  1. "Everything Went Numb"
  2. "Point/Counterpoint"
  3. "The Saddest Song"
  4. "We Are the Few"

pESA .- 16 o 17 mGAS



miralo un calimocho para hombres.........
intentamos llamar a este blog losborbotones y losmagios pero algun pendejo ya lo tenia separado y no lo usa..........pero bueno despues de conocer y buscar blogs de todo.......decidimos hacer uno que tenga lo que nos gusta.......esperemos que sea mejor que el tuyo GaBeLin---habran blogs ecuatorianos pa bajar discos? madmanmau---seguro no...o a lo mejor si pero somos mejores..

we tried a couple names before this one, a couple onoes related to the simpsons but some assholes allready had got em, then we choose ""mi pecho sobre tu espalda" that means my chest over your back, thats a drink made with wine(cheap)+coca cola + moonshine?¿?not sure how to say ""aguardiente" the exact translation would be burning water jajajja enjoy or blog bitchs....